Scientific Review Committee


The Scientific Review Committee (SRC) is responsible for review of all exhibits / projects that are entered into the Baltimore Science Fair (BSF). This committee will review the research plan and other relevant documents that describe how the student went about conducting his research and experimentation. It is the student's responsibility to make sure that they complete all of the necessary ISEF forms (see our selection under ALL ISEF FORMS on the Home Page - Main Menu) that are relevant to their project.

Most of the forms require signatures from a variety of people. Please read the ISEF Rules Booklet (it can be downloaded from the Society for Science and the Public website - see our link on the Home Page under ALL ISEF FORMS) and understand which forms apply to your project.

If you are a HIGH SCHOOL student ( Grades 9 - 12) you must complete at a minimum Forms 1, 1A, submit a Research Plan and Form 1B.  Completion of other forms are dependent upon the scope and subject matter of your project.


If you are a MIDDLE SCHOOL student (Grade 6 - 8 ) - you do NOT have to fill out any ISEF forms unless your project involves one of the following :
- Human subjects
- Vertebrates
- Hazardous Biological material
- Hazardous materials or devices
- Tissue samples
- Work conducted in a regulated laboratory

It is the student's responsibility to submit all of the necessary paperwork to the SRC in a timely manner before the Fair !!!

So, it is very important that you assemble your COPIES of your paperwork including COPIES of the ISEF forms and forward them to the SRC as soon as you know that you will be participating in the Fair.


Our SRC Chairperson is: Dr Erik Scully. Please forward your documents - ISEF Forms and Research Plan (no data please) to:

Dr Erik Scully

Biology Dept.

Towson University

8000 York Road

Towson, MD 21252-0001